Samber the Legend

Samber is the only Dutch stallion of pinto coloring ever to be an approved
by KWPN as a breeding stallion and is in the KWPN STUD Book in Holland.

Samber, is out of the also famous black tobiano Preferant Dutch mare Tina D
and is known worldwide for his tremendous versatility, athletic scope, and
extraordinary disposition.

Champion Of The Coloureds


Samber During His Performance Test


Samber's Review

This is the fourth in the series of "the great European coloured bloodlines". Nathalie Kilpatrick reviews Samber, the world renowned coloured stallion whose influence is proving to be the most successful of any coloured sire this century. His name is synonymous with coloured performance horses throughout Europe and the USA.

Until the advent of Samber, coloureds were being bred in the Netherlands, but there was nowhere to register them, since farmers using unregistered and ungraded colts could not get papers for the ensuing progeny. It is possible that the KWPN licensed Samber to give the farmers and breeders what they obviously wanted: a fully approved coloured stallion.

Although the KWPN is not a 'fan' of coloureds, by grading Samber 20 years ago in 1979 it gave this horse credibility and therefore his stock were desirable from the word 'go' as his offspring were the first fully registered coloured performance bred horses. Since the approval of Samber, no other coloured stallion has gained entry into the KWPN (many have tried!) and perhaps this will only happen when Samber is deceased. With this knowledge in mind, other coloureds residing in Holland have taken the route of the NRPS, due to its perceived easier criteria for acceptance.

I would like to thank Pieter Franssens, Christel Velte, Celia Clarke, the ZfDP, the DPZV and the Vrieling family for their kind help and input into this series.

Samber - the World-wide legend and undisputed King of the Coloureds By Nathalie Kilpatrick, copyright 1999

A brown tobiano born 2nd April 1976, measuring 1.68m (16.2 hands) with 22cm bone (83/4"), bred by Mr H Smilda at Roden in Holland.

In 1979 Samber passed his 100 day performance test, with a 10 for character and temperament, he gained an overall 160.2 points and an A Certificate. At this point he was purchased by Mr Vrieling Senior and has remained in the ownership of the Vrieling family for the whole of his life.

He has covered mares since 1979 and numbers have varied between 55 and 180 per season. Unfortunately, his semen is not suitable for chilling or freezing, so only natural service or fresh semen for on-site insemination is available. He is still very popular and only 3 years ago covered a staggering 150 mares. His stud fee, when compared with other coloured stallions in mainland Europe and Great Britain, is still a very reasonable 1,250 guilders (óG375.00).

Samber proved himself in competition in the early to mid eighties and reached Grand Prix level in dressage and Z level (BSJA Grade A) in showjumping.

Samber's dam TINA D, the black tobiano preferent mare by Ordonnans, a son of Ornament, is also a legend in her own right. In 1983 at the age of 19 she paraded at the UTV National Mare Show with some of her offspring including Samber. At that time she had brought 16 foals into the world, several of which were tobianos.

Wanda, a full sister to Samber , also bred by the Smilda family, crops up in pedigrees such as Romi Kirchhoff-R?hr (1998 CHAPS Sporthorse & Warmblood judge) Westfalian papered ROSSINI QUEEN (see pedigree). Romi was fifth time lucky in her quest to breed a coloured from Rossini Queen, when earlier this year she finally produced a coloured filly to the Westfalian superstar Florestan.

Cora, also a coloured daughter of Tina but this time by the Trakehner stallion Fresco was in turn covered by Ronco XX and produced Rinaldo, sire of the now US based Rainbow '89 and the grey and white Renaldino '90 . (See photo)

So, although Samber is the best known, loved and admired coloured sire we know, in fact we should remember to applaud Tina as the real star of our generation.

Samber's sire PERICLES was born in 1962, measuring 1.67m (just under 16.2 hands). British bred from the West Grinstead Stud, he stood for one year in 1968 under the H.I.S. scheme, and prior to this ran 14 times, won 2 races and was placed in 3. In 1976 he attained Keur status and in 1977, preferent and died in 1987. He covered over 200 mares a year and during his eighteen years at stud, a total of 2,600 mares.

It is said that Pericles himself competed in Open jumping whilst in the Netherlands, and that his offspring generally did well in sport and breeding. British breeding "die-hards" will console themselves with the thought that the world's most famous coloured sire is, after all, half British!

Samber's influence as an international performance sire: Not just the stallion descendants of Samber, but also the mares and the geldings are proving themselves in all the Olympic disciplines. West Star, the international 4 star mount of Nina Melkonian is his best representative to date in so far as eventing is concerned, whilst Art Deco has reached Grand Prix dressage in the USA for Liz Hall and Silverwood Farm. Bim Bam Bino, born 1988, by Branco ox, out of Ange by Samber, represents Greece in international dressage, United Colours '91 by Samber out of a Rigoletto/Ramses mare won just under óG1,000 in '97 in showjumping whilst Pintofields Iedante I, a KWPN Keur mare has won over 150 Dressage points in Great Britain. The above is just a few of the better known "Sambers" and there are many others competing at all levels throughout Europe and the USA.

Just a few of the graded Samber sons, grandsons and great-grandsons

Sambertino (Samber x Wellington x Onyx)
Ed King Hill (Ekstein x Samber x Katouchon)
Cool Cracker S (Concorde x Samber x Katouchon)
Bonte Wever (Samber x Tolbert x Planeet)
Sambic (Sambuco B x Luciano x Mersuch)
Samico (Samber x Ico x Aufstieg)
Santanos (Sando Paso x Legaat x Alim XX)
Shadow Jumper (Sambuco B x Adio x Ralf)
Sir James (Samber x Dialog x Romulus II)
Smaragdt (Samenco B x Samber x Maycel)
Steven (Sambuco B x Amor x Flietner)
Sullivan (Samber x Lector x Nimmerdor)
Semper (Sandro x Samber x Leander)
Hercorose (Republic of Ireland) (Samber x Monarch x Ideaal)
Art Deco (U.S.A.) (Samber x Trait D'union x Floor)
Sambuco B (Samber x le Faquin x Enfant de Normandie)
Sotto Voce (Sambuco B x Galba x Tropik)
Sam Satchmo (Sambuco B x Kadett x Mozart)
Sambesi (Samber x Utrecht x le Val Blanc XX)
Sir Siegfried (Sambesi x Ico x Gottward)
Sinclair B (Sambuco B x Lopez x Mahdi)
Samenco B (Samber x Sans Sou?i x Royal Avenue XX)
Samenco K (Samber x Sans Sou?i x Royal Avenue XX)
Sambuti (Sambuco x Titus x Marquis)
Smart (only graded into HBII) (Sambesi x Fuerst Agram x Lateran)
Pie in the Sky (G.B.) (Samber x Exkurs x Komeet)
Southern Star (Sinclair B x Atgold x Junior)
Hall of Fame (U.S.A.) (Art Deco x Daniel Boone XX x Will Again XX)
Domino (U.S.A.) (Samber x Principaal x Sandor)
Kisamber (not yet presented for grading) (Samber x Jasper x Uppercut)
Samba Pa-Ti (Sambuco x General 1 x Artwig)
Sando Paso (Samber x Joost x Abgar)
Snowfire (Santanos x Lorenz x Martini)
Semper (Sandro x Samber x Leander)
Sydney (Sambuco x Pilot x Angelo XX)
Fine Art (U.S.A.) (Samber x Miro x Trait D'union)
Edson '96 (Ed King Hill x Graphit x Pastrocio XX)
Eros (USA) '95 (Ed King Hill x Graphit x Pastrocio XX)
Negresco (Nekoma x Samber x Goudsmid)
Slater (Samber x Afrikaner x Garant)
Elpa's Big One (Samber x Jasper x Pandoer)
Stanhopes Odwig (G.B.) (Edwig x Samber x Apollo)
Ivoor (G.B.) (Samber x Procureur x Gondolier)